DAPP Zimbabwe launched a four month campaign to end early and forced child marriages in Bindura district of Mashonaland Central Province. The campaign running from November 2015 to February 2016 will be carried out under the existing HOPE  program which focuses on the protection of children. The campaign will tackle issues to do with entrenched cultural practices, social norms and religious practices that have fuelled the occurrence of forced and early child marriages.

Key activities of the campaign will include:

  • To mobilise leaders and activists to take action to prevent early and forced child marriages
  • To raise community awareness on the rights of girls in line with Human rights and Women’s Rights Statutes
  • To raise awareness on the negative effects of early and forced marriages on girls in Mashonaland Central Province
  • To undertake advocacy efforts towards policy harmonization in Zimbabwe                                                                                                I am precious logo

The “I am PRECIOUS” Campaign through activities such as opinion dialogue sessions with Community Members, solidarity march ,debates with Junior Parliamentarians and radio programs is expected to increase awareness of the negative effects of early and forced child marriages, and contribute towards ending the violation of child rights.

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The “I am Precious” campaign has been made possible though the generous support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

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