The Total Control of the Epidemic  (TCE) one on one approach proved to be popular among the visitors that stopped by the Humana People to People stand which featured DAPP Zimbabwe activities.  DAPP Zimbabwe’s response to the UNAIDS’ 90 90 90 target was the major selling point, with TCE being the vehicle to achieving the goals.
TCE starts with testing the individual for HIV in the areas where DAPP works.

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Each person is engaged in dialogue where issues about HIV/AIDS are discussed in depth, addressing fears and concerns of each individual until a clear understanding with the person regarding why HIV testing is important as the entry point to HIV prevention, care support and treatment. The individual is offered HIV testing in the comfort of their homes by trained TCE Field Officers who conduct door to door visits. Each individual is tested for HIV based on their consent. The door to door approach also gives a chance to the individuals to engage their sexual partners so they are tested as couples. The TCE Field Officers are trained in couple counselling as well. It is very important for couples to make informed decisions about their sexual life together. Issues of disclosure among partners are made easier as they are dealt with at household level.

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Humana People to People and DAPP Zimbabwe delegates are among the 5000 who exhibited and attended the 18th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa in Harare,  Zimbabwe. The seven day conference  allowed DAPP Zimbabwe an opportunity to showcase the TCE program to over 1500 delegates who have visited the stand. Delegates who visited the stand were impressed by the One on One People led approach used by TCE to fight HIV/AIDS among communities saying that community ownership is key to fighting the epidemic. Many delegates expressed that TCE is a unique program that has the potential of ending AIDS by 2030. “Your program seems to understand that many rural folk neither have the time nor will to visit health centres which are normally kilometres away from them”, Grace Arziki of Red Cross Nigeria, one of the many stand visitors made the remarks. She added that testing for HIV at home gives individuals the privacy they need as well as allowing for couples to test together in the comfort of their homes.



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