Farmers Club Chinhoi

Project description

Farmers Club Chinhoi is a DAPP Zimbabwe project that supports the recovery of the food security situation and livelihoods of urban and peri-urban households. The program runs Low Input Gardening (LIG) as well as providing skills and inputs to promote generation through vegetable production and sale.


The project is located in Chinhoi in the Mashonaland west province of Zimbabwe.
Project Activities

Farmers Club Chinhoi uses its vast experience in community development to facilitate implementation of the following activities
• Training on leadership/management
• Provision of extension support on gardening and nutrition practice
• Printing and distribution of training materials
• Provision of agro processing equipment
• Installation of water pump (electric and solar), tanks, reticulation and garden tabs
• Monthly monitoring of beneficiaries
• Training financial literacy

General and specific objectives

General objective:

To contribute to improving the humanitarian situation of the most vulnerable population groups by providing food assistance, short term food security and livelihoods support.

Specific objective:

To ensure an improved food and nutrition security status of urban and peri-urban IDP households.