Hope Nyamapanda

Project Descrition 

HOPE is a Development Aid from People to People Program for HIV and AIDS. With Clinics, Social Centers and Open Clubs, Hope works with communities using different strategies to mobilize those infected and affected by the effects of the HIV and AIDS pandemic with the expectation of reducing new infections, providing quality Voluntary HIV Counseling and referrals to clinics, establishing support groups to care for those who are HIV positive.


Hope Nyamapanda is in the Mudzi District in Mashonaland East Province. The project is located at Kotwa Growth Point which is about 10km from  the border with Mozambique.

Project Activities

The Project works with communities to establish Hope clubs, income generating projects, youth friendly centers and carry out workplace and school programs. With concerted efforts in all spheres of society Hope offers support, helps to prolong lives and encourages communities to work together to fight the effects of HIV/AIDS.

Hope Nyamapanda was established to reduce the issue of HIV and AIDS prevention at border areas, focusing on adolescents, sex workers and other mobile populations at the border areas such as truck drivers and uniformed forces. Hope Nyamapanda  provides services working with the same target groups, providing prevention and behavior change communication, care and support to HIV positive individuals. This includes establishing and supporting support groups for People living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) and establishing livelihood projects for sex workers as well as out of school youth. The livelihoods projects is to respond to the recognition of the link between HIV and AIDS and poverty to sex workers and the general communities.

The main idea is to bring awareness of safer sex practices to this target groups through life skills education by establishing livelihoods projects. The main outcome being to reduce poverty as the main cause of spreading HIV and AIDS at the border post through risky activities such as prostitution.

Objectives of the Hope program


  1. To provide relevant training in knowledge and skills on HIV and AIDS care and prevention to various individuals and groups.
  2. To build a centre for young people to explore and nurture cultural life
  3. To provide quality Voluntary HIV counselling and testing services.
  4. To influence policy making in relation to HIV and AIDS prevention, VCT and care and support through the formation of advocacy partnerships with community leaders and other stakeholders such as CBOs, other NGOs, government ministries, traditional leaders and Faith based organisations.


DAPP Hope Nyamapanda works with people under home based care, People Living with AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, the Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture, the workers under workplace programs and other stakeholders including the Ministry of Health & Child Welfare, Zimbabwe AIDS Network, District AIDS Action Coordinators, the Local government, the Council and the local leaders who include village heads, headmen and chiefs and Social Services Department.


Donors who fund the project

  • Population International Services (PSI)
  • British Embassy in Zimbabwe
  • German Embassy in Zimbabwe
  • Planet Aid Inc., USA
  • Humana Italy, ONLUS
  • District Aids Action Committee in Mudzi
  • Zimbabwe Aids Network
  • Ministry of Health, Child Welfare
  • Social Services Department
  • Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture
  • Ministry of Youth Development and Empowerment
  • Ministry of Gender and Women Affairs