Vocational School: Ponesai Vanhu Techincal College

The college was started in 1981 shortly after the independence of Zimbabwe. Ever since, it has given Zimbabwean youth vocational training. More than 5.500 students have graduated from the college.
The training qualifies the youth to solve technical tasks and introduce new solutions in their communities. The youth trained at Ponesai Vanhu Technical College with skills not only in their selected field, but also skills to be active, productive and constructive persons that will participate in building peace and unity where they are. They can opt for formal employment or for creating self employment after graduation.
The students come from all over the country, mainly from rural communities thus the college contributes to the empowerment of these communities.
The college offers courses in horticulture, business studies and motor mechanics. Tailor made courses are also available to members of the community. The college is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

The concept of Child Aid defines 10 elements of activities of which 8 are general and 2 are determined locally. The families are organized in units of 15-20 families with a family coordinator who is a volunteer from the local community. The family group works together in the day to day implementation of the activities.
The project has an extensive outreach program which includes the whole community, preschools, clinics and villages with information, lessons on health, nutrition, hygiene and other issues and with practical actions to improve conditions where they are needed.
Volunteers play an important role in all aspects of Child Aid. The task of community building is for everyone to participate in and securing the welfare of the children is a task for all.