TCE Zvimba

Project Description

Total Control of the Epidemic is a Humana People to people program designed to reach each and every individual in a geographical area of 100.000. The program is based on the understanding that “Only the people can liberate themselves from the threats of the HIV and AIDS – the epidemic”.The idea of TCE stems from the experience that people when eqquiped with knowledge and well mobilised, are capable of acquiring a crucial impact on the proliferation and ther process of transmission of anydisease. 50 local people are employed to work as Field officers for a peroid of 3years -to walk from house-to-house,person-to-person mobilising each and every individual to make a risk reduction plan thereby promoting HIV prevention throughout the TCE area. TCE works with community volunteers -called Passionate -who conduct various activities such as door to door peer education, counselling, adherence, monitoring and conducting workshops in schools, churches and workshops



TCE Zvimba district is located in the Mashonaland West province which is a commercial farming area where newly resettled farmers are located.


Project Activities

The project operates under these 8 elements :

  • People are organized to defend the community against the epidemic.
  • All people have thorough knowledge on HIV/AIDS.
  • Children and the young are organized to maintain a front against the epidemic.
  • A safe sexual life is the practice.
  • Vulnerable groups are specifically assisted.
  • Pregnant women and spouses are mobilized for Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission.
  • Community is organized to deal with the consequences of the epidemic.
  • Community is well organized to increase own income.



 The aim of TCE is to mobilise individuals and communities to prevent HIV, increase access to care, treatment and support programmes and encourage HIV testing and prevention of mother to child transmission PMTCT



TCE Zvimba works with stakeholders such as

  • District Administrators
  • Chiefs and village
  • Ministry of Health and Child welfare
  • Population Services Zimbabwe
  • Batsirai
  • National Aids Council
  • NatPharm,
  • Zimbabwe National Family Planning council( ZNFPC)
  • Zimbabwe Aids Network


  • UFF Denmark