HOPE Bindura has facilitated the formation of the Kubatana club support group to provide support to adolescents living with HIV in Manhenga ward 10 catchment area.  The support group which has 20 youth members seeks to address the issues of counselling ,drug adherence, safe sex and stigma. Speaking at the launch DAPP Zimbabwe HOPE Bindura Program Officer Hazvinei Kufa said teens generally face many challenges and positive living teens are more likely that adults to default on treatment. She said teens often face stigma in their communities because of their HIV-positive status.

The support group offers a safe environment to help teens, some who are orphans to deal with issues affecting their lives. HOPE  Bindura will work closely with the support groups to train and educate families and caregivers of the infected teens. As a result 20 treatment buddies were  formed so that the adolescents  will not miss taking their drugs as they will be supported by the primary home based caregivers and one family member.

The launch of the Adolescent support group was supported by the  Ministry of Health and Child Care,  ZNNP+ and Child Line.

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