DAPP Zimbabwe in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Care(Shamva Hospital) organized COVID-19 awareness campaign in Shamva district targeting communities around Madziwa Rural, Cornerstore, Joking 8 and Wadzanai township. The campaign was conducted earlier this month

As the nation fights the COVID-19 pandemic DAPP Zimbabwe has taken public health and hygiene messages to the most vulnerable people using mobile truck awareness campaign. The campaign  reached more than 5 000 people in semi-urban, mining areas and rural area s.

The initiative has enabled the dissemination of key messages on COVID-19 awareness in one of the most effective and efficient ways particularly during the  lock down period. There is good uptake of messages and information as the roadshow team moved through communities spreading messages using loud speakers.

The key messages  emphasized Covid-19 transmission, prevention, proper hand hygiene,  social distancing and other important health and wellbeing issues related to covid-19.
The District Environmental Technician for Shamva District Mr Evidence Mufambi spoke highly on the collaboration between DAPP and the Ministry of Health and Child Care adding that it was critical for  marginalized communities to have access to  information on Covid -19 to stop its spread.
He added that proper hand-washing and correct use of face mask demonstrations are going a long way to ensuring that communities are protected.The campaign demonstrated the need for continuously organizing and supporting the community with relevant information about COVID-19.