The recycling for development initiative continued in 202O where vulnerable groups, schools and communities from Bindura ,Shamva, Rusape, Guruve  and Mt Darwin  in Zimbabwe received donations from UFF HUMANA.
The goods included hospital equipment, bicycles, computers, printers, school desks, blankets among other essentials were officially handed over to the respective beneficiaries, who expressed gratitude for the gesture.
UFF-Humana supports the people in global south by working closely with DAPP Zimbabwe and ADPP Guinea Bissau. The recent donation of school education materials came at a crucial time for people in Zimbabwe. At a time when the world is struggling to see the end of COVID-19 pandemic, UFF-Humana is strengthening solidarity of the people in Denmark and the less developed communities in the sub-Saharan countries.
UFF-Humana extended the much needed help in supporting schools in rural Zimbabwe as part of its contribution to achieving the United Nations SDG 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Youths at the HOPE Youth Communication Center said the donation of laptops has allowed them to learn new skills that are sought after on the job market.
“The world is becoming a global village and it is important for us young people to be able to find employment opportunities through becoming literate in digital skills. We appreciate UFF-Humana that has given us this chance through DAPP Zimbabwe’s Hope Youth Communication Center.
Chiveso primary school head Mr Tangisai said the donation of school furniture has allowed the school to function efficiently after receiving critical education supporting infrastructure in school desks and chairs.
“This gesture allows our students to learn in a better environment than before. Our students are also practicing social distancing during this Covid-19 era because the desks and chairs are spaced out in the class rooms.”

UFF-Humana has also played a major part in supporting sports activities in Zimbabwe through the donation of second hand sports equipment. The sports equipment allows children and young people in rural areas to engage in sports and this helps keep them out of trouble with early sex indulgence, drugs or alcohol abuse.
Young children at Ponesai Vanhu Children’s home were not left behind. They received sportswear, school materials, footballs, toys and lots of stuffed animals. The children were happy to receive the toys.

DAPP Zimbabwe and UFF-Humana have forged a strong relationship in development cooperation over the years. Some of the previous notable social development efforts includefunding TCE efforts in fighting HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe in the districts of Mt. Darwin, Mazowe, Guruve, Zvimba as well as the on-going funding support being extended to HOPE Bindura an HIV/AIDS targeted community initiative in Bindura. An excess of 500,000 people were impacted through the generous support of UFF-Humana through its financial support for development activities in Zimbabwe.

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