Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Zimbabwe is proud to announce a transformative partnership with the Swiss Academy for Development (SA4D) to launch a comprehensive three-year project focused on empowering disadvantaged youth in Shamva District The joint effort, named “Green Paths for You(th) and the Climate,” aims to empower 300 disadvantaged young people aged 15-24 over a 34-month period starting from March 1, 2024.

At the core of our project is the goal of equipping young people with vital skills in sustainable, climate-smart agriculture to improve food security, nutrition, and income stability. Through targeted technical and practical training sessions, participants will gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in agricultural practices that prioritize environmental sustainability.

Beyond technical skills, we recognize the importance of enhancing employability and life skills among youth. To achieve this, our project integrates innovative sport and play-based sessions that impart agri-entrepreneurship knowledge and general life skills. By combining practical training with ongoing mentorship, coaching, and provision of start-up tools, we aim to empower participants to embark on successful economic ventures.

A central aspect of our project is the commitment to addressing mental health challenges and combating alcohol, drug, and substance abuse among young people. By fostering awareness and providing support, we seek to promote healthier lifestyles and cultivate a more engaged and resilient youth population in Shamva District.

DAPP Zimbabwe is also focused on enhancing our organizational capacities through this partnership. Our dedicated local staff and community members will receive specialized training on SA4D’s sport and play-based approach, enhancing our ability to integrate these methodologies into our broader development activities. This capacity-building initiative will strengthen our impact and visibility, particularly in the field of “Sport for Development.”

As we embark on this journey, we recognize that the project’s impact extends far beyond our direct participants. Planned awareness-raising activities and community engagement events will benefit the broader project area, fostering sustainable and inclusive development across Shamva District. With 300 young people set to benefit directly from our training sessions and community initiatives, DAPP Zimbabwe is excited to be at the forefront of positive change. Together with SA4D, we are committed to building a brighter future for disadvantaged youth and their communities, creating pathways to sustainable employment and improved well-being.

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