Farmers Club Shamva

Project Description

Farmers Club aims at organizing small-scale farmers to join forces and resources together, to further the agricultural production of each farmer to enable them improve their living standard. It again offers ideas for low cost solutions, introduce low technological farming methods and provide financial support systems to trigger the process of economic development. The program teaches farmers to be efficient in food
production, to create surplus and to sell the produce. In addition it improves the overall living conditions of the farmer families within nutrition, health, disease prevention and sanitation



The project is in Shamva in the Mashonaland Central province of Zimbabwe.


Project Activities 

The project works with small scale farmers to become food secure by building their capacity with knowledge and skills on modern methods of farming which includes conservation agriculture and agro forestry.
As an integrated part of the training, the farmers get organized around exploring and sharing water resources, securing inputs and marketing of their produce. General knowledge and skills within nutrition, health and community development are also included.


The aim is to provide the farmers with such knowledge and organization that they can respond to the needs of their families and communities.

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