Children School: Ponesai Vanhu Junior School

The school seeks to provide a rehabilitative and educational environment for the orphaned, abused, abandoned and destitute children. It cares for the needy  and disadvantaged children who have little hope for education and a productive life. The project reaches children between the age of 2 and 18.
The children are enrolled at the school for a minimum of 2 years as time is an important factor when rehabilitating the lives of the children who have suffered loss of parents, abuse or other extreme conditions in life.
The general education goal is that they write their grade 7 within those 2 years and after achieving that, they can continue to Ordinary level. A number of the children continue their education at Ponesai Vanhu Technical College where they learn technical skills in areas such as motor mechanics.
The school serves as a home and safe haven for the children. The teachers and other staff are the guarantors for a safe and conducive environment where the children’s rights are respected.
The children also have access to counseling to help them get over difficulties from the past and basic life skills form part of the learning process all with the aim of enabling the children to lead a sound and productive life in future.