The Federation Humana People to People

DAPP Zimbabwe is a member of Humana People to People Federation .The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement was formally established in 1996. Its goal is to achieve increased positive impact on global development through strengthening co-operation among members. The 30 independent member associations are located across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. They share a set of common values to protect the planet, build communities and support people to join forces, unleashing their potential for positive change and action.

Over the past years we have had a concrete co-operation with Humana People to People Italia, O.N.L.U.S,Humana People to People Baltic Lithuania, Humana Second Hand Fundraising ProjectsPlanet Aid, Inc. USA, Humana People to People Deutschland, U-landshjelp fra Folk til Folk, NorgeMiljö- och Bistandsföreningen  Humana Sverige , Ulandshjælp fra Folk til Folk, DenmarkHUMANA d.o.o. Slovenia, Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo, Spain who have contributed with valuable donations in the form of cash, in kind or second-hand clothes and shoes.



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