Development Aid from People to people (DAPP) has launched the Cook Stoves Project in Chivi District targeting 30 000 households .The project is aimed at improving people’s lives while making a big contribution to fighting climate change.
In many rural homes women cook for their families using open fires which are unhealthy, dangerous, and a major contributor to carbon emissions worldwide. DAPP Country Representative Luckson Soda says “As DAPP Zimbabwe we are promoting the adoption, access and use of a new cleaner, healthier and more efficient COOKSTOVE to improve the lives of the people, in particular women and children” He added that the program provides cookstoves components at no cost to households and recipients are trained on how to install, maintain and repair the stoves to ensure longevity of use and adoption. ”

The project will have a significant impact for thousands of households in Chivi who will require less firewood to cook and reduced the exposure to smoke and harmful greenhouse gases. Women using a clean cookstove regain their health and enhance their productivity in their communities.
The project has significant sustainable development impact across climate, health, social and economic empowerment.
DAPP Zimbabwe is also implementing similar Cookstove projects in Mutasa, Chimanimani and Makoni Districts of Manicaland province.

Cookstoves start in Chivi district


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